Teaching Is An Effective Teacher And Create A Better Learning Environment For My Students

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The community in which I will be teaching believes that character education should be taught in the schools. As I plan to teach first and second graders in the elementary schools, I will include character education in my classroom by using four simple rules. Be honest, be caring, have respect and listen. Students, parents, faculty members and I will be expected to follow all of these simple rules upon entering my classroom. We will be honest and truthful in the things we share. We will care about others feelings, and make it a priority to have my classroom as a comfortable setting in which my students can learn. We will have respect for all of whom enter into the walls of my classroom. We will listen to the instruction given and follow it to its entirety and fullness. When we fail to maintain one of these rules or standards, we will simply try again. As I plan to apply these rules in every aspect, my goal is to become an effective teacher and create a better learning environment for my students. In essence, I will have a classroom in which other students and teachers will look to. I know that one way that I can apply these standards is by motivating my students in learning and in their lives. Students need to be involved and learning as much as they can. From personal experience, I know that where I learned the most was in settings in which were comfortable, there was respect. My teachers cared and were interested in the activities I was involved in. They motivated me to
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