Teaching Methods For General Psychology

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I believe I have fairly effective study methods for general psychology, but there are things I could change. The main form of studying that I do for this class is note taking, which is very helpful for me. Currently I do most of my studying in the room, but when I study in the library it seems like I am able to get much more work completed. I tend to get very distracted by my phone when I’m studying. I have positive reinforcement of getting a good grade in this class. Typically I study with my roommate who is also in general psychology. This can be distracting sometimes, but it is also helpful because we are able to prepare for exams together and talk through any concepts that one of us doesn’t understand.
The three things I want to do to improve my study behaviors are new location, setting up a schedule, and eliminating competing behavior, specifically my phone. The new location that I would choose is a study room in the library, this would become a new antecedent or signal for me to study. A study room is a much better study location than my dorm because my dorm is more of a signal to relax and hang out with my friends or watch netflix. The next thing that I want to do to improve my study habits is set up a schedule for studying. Right now I just study whenever I feel like and I do whatever homework I feel like doing at that present time. I’m usually done with class around 3:00 or 3:30, so the best times for me to study would be right after class until dinner at

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