Teaching Methods That Affect A Child 's Learning

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In today’s world, there are numerous different teaching methods that affect a child 's ability to learn; these different teaching methods have either a positive or negative impact on a child’s learning in-take. In most schools, the instructors are allowed to profess in a way that satisfies their teaching abilities. Majority of teachers nowadays teach the material, test the material, and then move on to the next chapter, without making sure that all of the students understand the contents. Therefore, if students to do no successfully understand the materials that are being taught in a specific subject, it could potentially lead to the student failing the course or even the grade. By failing, the student is then set back from moving on to the next grade. This could affect a child’s thought process: being help back from friends, and even being laughed at for failing. No student wants to feel like a failure; all teachers should make sure that students strive to be successful. Although teachers are allowed to instruct in a way that is comfortable to them, they should also take into consideration how it affects their students. Therefore, our country’s school systems should remove technology from the class rooms; on top of that, all elementary and middle school classrooms should have teacher-aids available. From my own personal experience, I believe that teachers should dedicate more one-on-one time to students in elementary and middle school. In 2005, I was transferred to four

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