Technology Devices Should Not Be The Primary Way For Students

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Technology is everywhere, attached to us in almost every part of our daily lives. Places like café shops, home and as well at schools have technology. Nowadays, schools have technology devices like laptops or tablets that they use as a learning tool for students. Teachers and students use these devices in class for every subject. Text books have been replaced by the laptops or tablets, which are lend to each students in school and can take home. The devices have the apps for each of their subjects and students can read their text book in an e-book format. Additionally, students can do their homework on it, send messages to classmates or teacher, or play educational games that involves their current subjects. Although, these are convenient reasons to use devices in and after school, I must say I don’t agree. Technology devices should not be the primary way for students to learn in school. It has taken away the traditional passive learning pattern, some teacher are not helping or not teaching at all, and students are exposed to danger while walking towards school or home.
There are some students that do well in school. They might understand better either from the teacher or the device. However, the devices have taken away the traditional passive learning pattern that we are mostly use to. Traditional teaching involves teachers and students to communicate and collaborate together. It helps the teachers to insist on clear rules to engage student’s behavior. The

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