Teaching Students With A Wide Range Of Diverse Learning Abilities Essay

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Classroom Dynamics

Teachers are faced with the task of instructing students with a wide range of diverse learning abilities.

Teaching students with a broad range of abilities requires educators to be more creative and modern in

how they handle the challenges they are faced with and how learning opportunities are presented.

“Howard Gardner of Harvard University in his book, Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple
Intelligences, suggest that there are at least seven human intelligences, two of which, verbal/linguistic brain and logical/mathematical intelligence, have dominated the ordinary pedagogy of western societies.”( Bruce Campbell The Learning Revolution Winter 1991)

The Effects of Diverse Learners in the Classroom
The consequences of having so many unique types of learners in the same class can be a great learning opportunity for the teacher and students. If a teacher does not plan appropriately having multiple intelligences can also be defective for the learning environment. When you have this many different types of learners you must use a variety of different methods of teaching the same information. When differentiated instruction is achieved we as teachers can maximize the learning experience for every student. The students become fully engaged in the lesson and have a better chance at success. However, if we continue to try and teach the same information in the same way to all students we run the risk

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