Teaching Styles And Methods Rather Than Learning

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This class was very interesting, and different from other youth ministry classes that I have taken. In this class we discussed more about teaching styles and methods rather than learning about how to deal with adolescents. For me this class really helped me to become more confident that I can be a youth minister. To help relate this experience for me into a paper I will discuss the different historical elements of how to religiously teach, the learning styles, and some of the things that I will take with me as I go out into the field. The history of religious education is very intense; according to Models of Religious Education, religious education starts in the early 19th century . This model is called “The Historic Prototype of Religious Education.” This model is concerned with giving more of a divine message. For me this is not a type of education that I would use. While, I believe that the divinity of Jesus is important I feel like there is many more things that need to be discussed than the divinity of Jesus. The next model that Burgess bring up is “The Classical Liberal Model of Religious Education,” which comes around at about 1910. This method is focuses on being saved through society. This is a strange topic because it is hard to think about someone being saved because of society, especially with today’s society. However, what they do is teach children to create a social atmosphere where society can be saved. This method still steams strange to me

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