Analysis Paper : Learning Styles

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VARK Analysis Paper VARK Learning Styles refer to a learning theory that differentiates individuals into learning groups. This theory became well known in the 1970s. It is used in identifying individual students learning capabilities. Each learning styles depends on cognitive, emotional, environmental factors and previous experience. Educators use the different learning style in classroom activities, curriculum, and assessments. The acronym for VARK stands for the following learning style: visual, auditory, reading/writing, and kinesthetic/tactile. Each variable represents a distinctive preferred way of learning for an individual. Visual learners prefer the use of images, maps, and graphic organizers to access and understand new information. Auditory learners use listening, speaking such as lectures and class discussions to process data. On the other hand, some students favor the reading and writing method utilizing note taking and translating concepts. Finally, the kinesthetic or tactile style of learning depends on hands-on and the use of qualities such as gestures, body movements, and positioning in learning (Peyman et al., 2014). Another aspect of learning that the VARK theory discusses is that of a multimodal learning preference. The VARK questionnaire provides four scores. Those who do not have a standout mode with one preference score well above others and are defined as multimodal. These groups are flexible in their communication preferences. They can evaluate

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