Teaching and Learning Styles

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It is evident that schools in the current society are filled with diversity whether it is culturally, ethnically or socially (Montgomery & Groat, 1998). All of these unique features can play a part in the type of learning style the child prefers. The personality and genetic makeup of the learner also affects the way in which they perceive and process information differently to other learners. (Gregorc, 1982) According Ellis (1985, p.14) a learning style is “the more or less consistent way in which a person perceives, conceptualizes, organizes and recalls information.” Therefore it is extremely vital that teachers adapt their teaching styles within the classroom so that each child is able to gain full knowledge of content taught and are …show more content…

These types of learners go hand in hand with the different learning styles, all depending on the individual themselves.
There are many subjects that do not fit all types of teaching styles, especially when reaching the later grades in the educational environment. (Lemmer, Meier & Van Wyk, 2006) However by this stage most learners have been equipped with the necessary learning skills to understand and learn by the style that best suits the subject. Science is a good example as to grasp the concepts of mixing chemicals or gaining textual knowledge one needs to physically acquire such information by means of experiments and examinations. In this type of subject reading material would not be enough to gain full understanding. In universities where there are a great number of students lecturing is the best teaching method as other teaching methods would fail due to allocated time, space and effectiveness. Yet lecturing would not work in a Grade. 1 class as the children do not have the skills to understand need more hands on, personal teaching. Therefore age, knowledge and ability influence the teaching style an educator may use when teaching particular content. (Lemmer, Meier & Van Wyk, 2006)
In conclusion it is inevitable that learners bring to the classroom a great diversity of learning styles. So as for a teacher it is difficult to please all styles simultaneously, but if you vary the

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