Team Member Duties : Neeraj Kumar ( Team Leader )

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Team Member Duties

Neeraj Kumar (Team Leader)
 Selecting and understanding the concept based on the past research experience on sensor database networks and distributed programming.
 Strategic plan design on weekly basis helped in completion of project.
 Implementation of leader election algorithm.
 Dividing and assigning the task based on the team members interest area and capabilities.
 Managing the whole project with full cooperation with all team members with good team communication.
Satish Ekambaram
 Drafting the whole paper with APA format.
 Deep research on the value and need of the leader election algorithm in mobile ad hoc network.
 Finding out the real applications implementing the leader election algorithm.
Srikanth Bommana
 Good research on the history related topic with the whole project.
 Research on what the mobile ad hoc network and its need and evolution.
 Finding out the very brief and good conclusion of the whole project. Abstract
Technology advancement is growing very rapidly one example we can see surrounding us is wireless networks and its related very complex applications such as sensor database network, robotics military and so on. At the starting point following paper represents about the mobile ad hoc network and related basic history. After that research paper explores the problems related with the current technology and major drawbacks. Later paper shows the need of the leader election algorithm and its implementation. At the end it
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