Why Team And Teamwork Come Up With Better Solution

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Introduction An organization needs to produce profitable outcomes in order to be successful and this is where team and teamwork come in role. A team can be defined as a group of people pooling their skills, talents and knowledge. (Scholtes, Peter, 1988) The elements of engagement and mutual accountability , define a team as a small group of people so dedicated to something greater than themselves, that they will not be denied. For this course a team is defined “as a group of people collectively drive toward a common goal , capitalising and respecting the skills and knowledge of all people.” (Katzenbach, J., and Smith, D., 1993) It is said “two brains function better than one” and this is what happens in a team. When people come together for a common goal excellent results are achieved. Importance of a team in an organization: When is comes to solving a problem more people come up with better solution. They can better visualize a situation and reach to a clear definition of a problem. Thus no problem for long can hamper the company’s goal of being successful. A team shares workload, responsibilities and help each other while working together. All members are given work according to their capabilities and field of interest. The output thus results in faster and efficient results. An organization has multiple areas that need to be taken care of. If an individual is responsible for a number of tasks then many of them might suffer and take a backseat, as all things cannot be

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