Teamwork And Leadership : Remember The Titans

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The dynamics of teamwork and leadership can be seen throughout the film “Remember the Titans.” The advantages and disadvantages of teams, norms and cohesiveness, and the stages of team development, are exemplified on multiple occurrences. This report will analyze these dynamics and provide examples of how they are displayed in the film.
Advantages of Teams
Throughout the film, there were many instances of the advantages of being part of a team. In this next section, we will be looking at a few examples. Firstly, being part of a team allows members to bond, support one another, and build new friendships. This was evident in the various training scenes. The difficulties they faced
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They had been assigned to room together, and got into a fight over their individual identities and what they thought should be on the walls of their room.

Behavioural Norms and Cohesiveness A behavioural norm is defined as the way(s) team members are expected to act. In “Remember the Titans”, it is set by the players. In the beginning of the movie, the players were on two separate teams before they merged, and wanted nothing to do with one another. They would segregate themselves any chance they got, and were constantly fighting with each other. At one point, some of the Caucasian players purposely were not blocking for Rev, the Native American quarterback. This showed a low level of cohesiveness. Cohesiveness is the extent to which team members are attracted to a team and motivated to remain part of it. In the beginning of the movie, the players were not acting like a team and did not want to play together or listen to the coaches of a different race. Therefore, they were exhibiting a low level of cohesiveness. Unlike in the beginning of the movie, the Titans were finally acting as a team. In the end, they began to encourage and support each other, spend time together outside of football, and build friendships. An example of the team showing high cohesiveness was when Louie Lastik and Blue Stanton called a team meeting late at night, and without the coaches. At first, a few of the players tried to leave the gymnasium, but Julius

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