Technological Advancement Of Laptops On The Secondary Education School System

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Teachers are supposedly teaching their students to be the best they can be. Technological advancement of laptops in the secondary education school system hinders students learning by decreased test scores, the increased education gap between classes, the increased frustration of students, and the enabled abuse of educational resources. The teachers are the decision makers in deciding if laptops are crucial for success or if laptops lead to failure.
The world is surrounded with technology. To get the younger generation used to their future lives, laptops in their education learning plan is the perfect solution. Starting students with laptops instead of books will allow the student to get used to what their future will be. There will be less struggle when they are an adult because they will know exactly how to use a computer. Spending on tablets increased 60 percent from 2013 to 2014 because students having their own laptop prepares them for future online standardized tests (Chandler). The constant access of a laptop allows students to enhance their technological skills by becoming proficient and skilled with technology. All students will be prepared.
Laptops are said to make students more equal. The students from poor families now have access to the internet like their peers from wealthier families have had access to since they were born. All students are now able to get laptops and complete assignments the same way. There is no longer a gap between the wealthier families

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