Wimax vs. Long Term Evolution

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Wimax vs. LTE:
LTE and Wimax are 4G technologies. LTE is Long Term Evolution project which is been proposed by 3GPP (3rd generation partnership project) which is nothing but collaboration between various telecommunication companies. So LTE has its background from the GSM technology. Wimax is IEEE 802.16 standard and it’s mainly roots in CDMA.
Frequency of operation: LTE operates at lower frequency as compared to wimax. Higher the frequency of operation, higher the attenuation.
Both wimax and LTE uses OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing). OFDM uses orthogonal frequencies as carrier frequencies so that there will be no interference between the signals i.e. it uses the principle of orthogonality. This in turn improves the spectral efficiency.

Multiple Access: Both LTE and wimax uses MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output), which a Space Division Multiple Access technique. It is a smart technique in which the same signal is transmitted in different streams to the receiver. The receiver choses the best of the transmitted signal streams and decodes the signal. It is chosen such a way that, the best quality signal is obtained. So, even the weaker signals are boosted up by this technique.
Infrastructure: Both LTE and wimax uses ip infrastructure. The flat structure of ip helps the mobile as well as the base station.
Latency: Latency is less in LTE when compared to wimax.
Range: Theoretically LTE has better rang than wimax.
Speed: speed of LTE is way higher than
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