Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge And Technology

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Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge, TPACK, is a plan that helps teachers to develop lessons for their content area with the use of technology. This idea about how to teach children and adults started with a gentleman by the name of Lee Shulman. He began introducing how students should either be taught by using pedagogical and/or analogical strategies and how it relates to the teacher’s subject-related knowledge. In 1986, Shulman introduced how pedagogical content knowledge and technology were merging together. According to the TPACK framework, “technology integration does not require one single pedagogical orientation; it includes a spectrum of approaches to teaching and learning” (Nicholson, 2015).
TPACK is the center where three different types of knowledge overlap. The three types of knowledge are content knowledge, pedagogical knowledge, and technological knowledge. All teachers have studied their content knowledge and pedagogical knowledge during their time in college and professional development. Technological knowledge is the hardest to endure in my opinion. The teaching profession didn’t start using technology until the mid-1990. Now, most of our older veterans don’t have the desire to research all the interesting activities we can do in our classrooms using technology. Many of the new teachers don’t use technology in lesson plan during the college method courses because many colleges don’t have technology equipment in their classrooms. I know
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