Technological Process Innovation, And Production Management Innovation

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Process innovation, which means applying new or improved methods to the production process to increase productivity, are also implemented in Airbnb’s development strategies (). Process innovation covers a number of aspects, including technological process innovation, organizational innovation, supply chain innovation, marketing innovation, business model innovation, and production management innovation (). Airbnb has made some achievements in several fields, leading to its strong competitiveness in marketplace.  Technological process innovation Airbnb mainly rely on its app and website to provide services and deliver values today. However, when Airbnb first started, it was just a tiny website. This limitation led to frequent complaint in the early stage that hosts responded inquiries too slowly, which catalyzed the emergence of Airbnb app. Airbnb is trying to get more hosts and guests involved via mobile. It launched a new program called “Get Mobile”, which includes helping hosts pay for smartphones if they don’t own one. Also, Airbnb has been striving toward closer connection between hosts who have spare room and guests who needs boarding houses over the years by improving its app constantly. Users now can download the app for both Android and IOS systems, even for Apple Watch, which was released just four months after the launch of iPad app in April this year (). The technical team has been making progress in the stronger dashboard, making it easier for hosts to deal
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