Technology And Innovation Has Impacted Our World

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Technology and innovation have impacted our world, especially the education systems, in a number of ways. With the introduction of several pieces of technology, the education system is slowly evolving from the traditional in-class lectures to a more virtual or online setup. While most universities and colleges nationwide are leaning towards administering more online classes. The aspect of ethics has become an element of concern to most institutions and poses a question as to whether it is fair or unfair to expect students to exercise ethical behavior as they take the classes online. With the growing advancements in technology as well as resources students are faced with the challenge of cheating when taking an online class as well as the assignments and test or quizzes associated with that particular class.
According to King “the advent of the Internet and advances in user-friendly technological devices have spurred both concern on the part of faculty and research interest in the academic community regarding inappropriate and unethical behavior on the part of students”(King, pg 1). With that being said, both students and professors are faced with the problem of choosing what is considered to be ethical or unethical when taking a class online. There is always going be a fine a line between what is considered to be ethical and unethical when taking an online class. What is believed to be ethical differs between individuals, meaning that it is in the best interest of both the…
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