Technology Ethics in the Classroom Essay

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Technology in the classroom is important to assist in the learning process; however this is creating new challenges for teachers. Teachers are now required to educate students on the importance of technology ethics. Computer ethics is the moral guidelines that govern the use of computers and networks (Shelly, G, Gunter, G, and Gunter, R 2012). Ethics in the classroom also requires teachers to explain what plagiarism is and the proper way for students to give credit for information attained from another source. Teachers must also have a plan in place to address internet security, as well as devise a student use agreement and discuss ethical practices while using technology in the classroom.
Internet security is important in order to keep students safe as well as to protect the schools computer network. A firewall is helpful in protecting the schools computer network. A firewall restricts access to data on a network (Shelly, G, Gunter, G, and Gunter, R 2012). There are many firewall programs such as Norton and McAfee. Other ways teachers can promote internet safety is to set clear guidelines on what is an expectable internet site to visit. Teachers can also check student’s computer history in order to determine what content students have been looking at. Teachers and parents can also use filtering software to block unacceptable material. Teachers need to encourage their students to practice internet safety at all times. It is important for student’s to continue to…