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Today technologies play a big and important role in a life of our generation. Its rapid development has significantly improved people's living standards. But at the same time, the influence of automation on the work market made many people worry if it may leave humans unemployed. The relationship between employment situation and automation is a very complex question. "AI, Robotics, and the Future of Jobs" is a report presented by Pew Research center in 2014 on the topic of the impact of automation on a modern labor market. A number of experts answered a question whether AI and robotic devices will have displaced more jobs than they have created in the next decade. As a result, opinions were divided into two almost equal halves; one-half of the interviewees believe that the disruptive influence of machines will cause mass unemployment and wealth disparity whereas another group sees technology more as a creator of jobs than a destroyer. But at the same time, both groups converge on certain issues, such as educational institutions are failing to provide the sufficient knowledge for the future job market and the changes the work as the concept, so people will have more leisure time.People may agree or disagree to what extent automation will capture the workplace, but I think that there definitely will be a change. In the report, Marjory Blumenthal, a science and technology policy analyst, does not deny that replacement by robots may prevail. She admits, that it is

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