Technology And Technology : My Experience Of The Digital Media

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My story of being a consumer of digital media is a brief one. Aside from having a limited amount of time due to work, school, and family, I was born well before the arrival of the internet and cell phone. Growing up without easy access to the world and the ability to seek any type of information, watch any type of show, or read any type of book right at the touch of my fingertips may seem odd now; however, it was my way of life for almost thirty years. Even now, at age 54, I am amazed at how much technology has changed virtually every aspect of my life and things which seemed as if their only place was featured on The Jetson’s cartoon show are now reality. After graduating school, I moved into my first apartment and, with the launch of MTV in 1981, had my first encounter with music videos. I will never, as long as I live, be able to forget watching Joan Jett and the Blackhearts belting out I Love Rock and Roll or watching the J. Geils Band sing about their blood ran cold when they saw their angel in Centerfold. Who in their right mind could ever forget David Lee Roth when he fronted for Van Halen in the video of the song Jump? My friends and I were fascinated with MTV and it was on at my apartment whenever I was home. Around the same time period, I briefly worked at Southwestern Bell as an information (411) operator and I recall using some type of database to look up phone numbers for people who called. Although I did not work there for very long, that was my
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