Technology And Technology : The Use Of Technology

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Technology has proved itself do the unexpected for millions of people worldwide. Microsoft has used advertisements to advance their technology in various ways. This commercial, that came out during the super bowl, opens with the former NFL player, Steve Gleason using Microsoft, a form of technology to help his fatal illness, ALS. This commercial also stresses how technology is helpful to people in all aspects of life. It shows how technology has the power to unite people by opening up the way to communicate face to face over long distances. Technology can inspire people to do astonishing things, including giving people who don’t have a leg or arm the ability to carry out life’s necessities with a prosthetic limb or even going to the moon …show more content…

A little boy who was shown with prosthetic legs was possibly born without his legs. Some people never experienced that, so it makes them feel sympathetic for him because he didn’t cause that illness, but now has to live the rest of his life in that condition. An elderly man who loved to paint lost his eyesight, but through the use of technology he can paint pictures, which is very emotional because going from not being able to do something you love to being able to do it again gives you that inner joy and peace of mind. Even more hard hitting is cancer, a little girl is shown with a poster board that has the word “Hope” on it. Microsoft emphasizes through the use of technology we have the power to give “Hope to the Hopeless” highlighting the word “Hope” in the word “Hopeless” to show emphasis on what we are capable of doing instead of focusing on what we aren’t capable of doing to help the lives of many people. Additionally, the commercial shows how “technology has the power to unite us.” A father, who was in the army, was using technology to facetime his wife in another country who was giving birth to his newborn son. Technology was also used in this same form for a baby girl to see her dad, who was not presently with her, and she was overjoyed. Even children today are shown to use technology in a beneficial way to research the solar system in a border extent. Instead of reading

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