Technology Assistive Can Improve And Advance Young Children With Or Without Special Needs

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The purpose of this study is to show that technology assistive can improve and advance young children with or without special needs. Technology has advance through the years and all children are more interest in learning skills with technology devices. My action research project has four children the majority are two to nine year of age that can benefit for technologies in tasks at school and home with and without special needs. The technologies assist can be more creativity, innovation, communication, collaboration, research, and information fluency with learning and teaching young children that allow them to take focus and listening to the tasks. It can prove for the great beneficial in achieving and giving knowledge of their future goals. Problem-Interest
The reason for the observation and interest in this action research project are to help the young children in my families and other children. They are not staying focus and listening with old school learning but they do focus and think with new age through technology. Technologies make all children feel equally and have the same opportunity in learning. I have observation that children have technologies to learn and teach them at home so we need to make technologies available at school to collaboration together on same materials. Technologies can cover a list of products and applications for cellphone to ipad, face to face to face time and media, book to internet, portifolio to storage data, or board project to

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