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E100 TMA 04 Activity are planned to extend children learning and development area as they learn new words and able to build on their communication and language by describing and explaining what they are doing and asking question. This also extends their vocabulary example the children enjoy playing with weighing scales so I plan activities using different resources such as lentils instead of sand or dry pasta to learn numbers, sizes, quantities etc. Again activities are planned around sand and water play as it stimulates creativity, where children are encouraged to explore a range of resources to make something with wet and dry sand using their imaginations and sharing ideas. This helps children come out with all sorts of ideas…show more content…
Technology has and continues to impact on young children and as childminder I have a responsibility to ensure their experiences with technology are age appropriate and empowering for them. In my setting children have access to technology and play with all kinds of technology games in each play area. Children are influenced with the technology as they tend to exhibit it in their day to day activities. With reference to my appendix one, water and play areas have a few technology resources they play with, an example is the duck that changes colour in water. The children enjoy playing with it as they tend to get to shout out the colours and play the guess game amongst themselves to see who can guess the next colour. This encourages the children to talk to themselves and motivates them to think to get it right as children want to be the first to get things right. Other forms of technology such as the use of play stations and Xbox Kinect provide exciting and wonderful opportunities for children to learn and play at the same time. The use of motion sensors can measure how active children are whilst participating in a variety of sports such as long tennis, football, golf etc. The use of these monitors to measure the extent of children’s physical development can act as both an evaluating and motivating tool. These and other technological advancement impact positively on physical development if well

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