Technology For Cancer Diagnosis / Prognosis And How People Perceive The Technology

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Aim of this project is to study opportunities and challenges of novel biosensor technology for cancer diagnosis/prognosis and how people perceive the technology in relation to the risk involve. Study shows the earlier cancer is been perceived in a person, there is a higher chance of there being a cure for it. Lately, most cancers are detected and diagnosed after it has fully grown. Hence, sensitive and accurate methods for early detection of relevant biomarkers for clinical diagnosis are of essence and need to be adopted by hospitals, clinics and also self-check by patient. Biosensors are devices intended to detect biological markers in the body, through the conversion of a biological sensing event to an electrical signal, which detects and analyse. This biosensor technology can potentially deliver fast and exact detection, dependable imaging of cancer cells, and observing of angiogenesis and cancer metastasis.
Abstract what the project is about, what has been done so far and what you will do next (solution)

Introduction should talk about the problem, the approach that u will be using to solve the problem and conclusion.

You should be clear, precise and concise.
Introduction: (provides the big pictures and context), problem description, analysis and study, results, summary and future work (more of engineering), appendices and references.
Avoid long sentences, informal language, and multiple issues all at once. Don’t not use etc, don’t leave the reader to assume

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