Technology Has Not Favored The Ideal Of Benefiting The Majority Essay

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It is evident that the history of modern technology has not favored the ideal of benefiting the majority; most times, the complete opposite is true. As the world modernized, those on top found ways to take advantage of the less fortunate. As the rich stayed richer, the poor were left to continue their poor lives. Slavery, extortion, warfare and the mass reduction of resources was the result of the insatiable greed that has been prevalent time and again. The question of whether technology is truly useful is one that is often debated upon, but what good is technology if the creation of it results in the suffering of others? While it can be argued that certain forms of technology can be very useful, more often than not, they weren 't created with the intention to be used by the public in such a manner. For example, machines like computers were developed for use in war, not to serve as conveniences for the populace, rather they were meant for use in war. Examining the history of technology in regards to the automobile industry shows a familiar trend of rampant avarice and a sheer disregard for the needs of the many. The automotive company is no stranger to this, as it has had a vast history of incriminating scandals. For instance, the Ford Pinto was prone to catching fire in rear-end collisions. Various Toyota models contained a flaw where the accelerators would become jammed. Most devastating were the over 100 deaths due to faulty ignition switches on Chevrolet Cobalt and

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