Technology Impact On Society

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It is abundantly clear that the development of technology has had an impact on society. But there are many theories as to what exactly the impact is, and how that impact affects the members of the society. A few of the theories put forth are by Gerhard Lenski, Leslie White, and Alvin Toffler. There are both similarities and differences to each of these theories. Let’s consider each theory separately, then we will have a clearer idea of how they relate to each other and how they vary.

Gerhard Lenski was a sociologist who believed that a society’s ability to survive is governed by its level of technology; that is, society changes, survives, and evolves through technological advancement. Information and communication are key to progress. Most notably, the greater the knowledge of the natural world, the better the ability to improve society. He identified four stages of communication. The first, which could also be called biological communication, is the transfer of genetic information to a new generation. Second is awareness of self and the world around us, or sentience. Next, is the capability for logic. Collective goals can be served on the basis of observation and analysis. Finally, there is the mastery of various forms of communication – language, writing, and symbols. This last stage sets the foundation for civilization. Additionally, Lenski suggested four levels of technological development. First, a hand-to-mouth existence, called hunter-gatherer. Next, farming begins

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