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Imagine a world where humans are not fighting against technology, but are working alongside these machines… computers are built by humans to basically to make our lives easier. When we apply technology into fashion, we begin to adapt and become better equipped for the days ahead. In context, as warmer temperatures, to raise humans to develop synthetic breathable fibers to keep us cool. The popularity of technology such as iPods, smartphones, and artificially intelligent devices are growing and humans are becoming attached to their devices. Occasionally, I try to have one-day technology free but, the main reason why me and majority of humans “can’t live without their devices” is mainly that we programmed them with our personality. Having a personalized device is so significant and smart devices learn from us as we learned from them. Technology in fashion like my Apple Watch which is called a wearable. My Apple Watch tracks my heart rate, notifies me when to stand or exercise when I’ve been sitting too long, even tells me when to drink water and a plethora of things, but the main thing to take from this is that having a “personal trainer” encourages me to practice healthy living. If individuals were to adapt to these changes in fashion technology, they would better enhance their cognitive function.
A known form of fabrication in the fashion technology world is 3D printing which uses strands of plastic or polyamide that is easily moldable to make whatever you want, like fidget

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