Technology Within The Health Setting

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These past few weeks of health informatics have brought to light many important aspects of technology within the health setting. My fellow classmates and I have gotten the chance to dig deep and learn about the use of health informatics within evidence-based nursing, methods patient’s use to find health information, online Communities of Professional Practice (CoP), and the use of Electronic Health Records (EHR) in addition to Personal Health Records (PHR). I believe these innovations can be increasingly helpful in the care process, but they are each still accompanied by their own consequences or adverse aspects. Further, it will be my job as a nurse to discuss these innovations with my patients and provide care in a way that will bring to …show more content…

Breakdown may occur for a number of reasons including nurses removing the human aspect from the relationship as a result of being overly reliant on online health information. This over reliance can thereby lead to a decrease in the nurse’s communication, openness, and focus on the patient. As a result, it will be my job as a Registered Nurse (RN) to prevent this breakdown by spending less time searching for information and more time focusing on the patient and his or her health needs. Moreover, when searching for relevant information to use within the practice setting, nurses and other healthcare providers are subject to the filter bubble. This concept involves the Internet filtering information to suit one’s personality as a result of storing what someone has reviewed in the past and drawing on these characteristics in future searches (Badenocha, & Perez Gaxiola, 2015). I personally do not see any positive aspects associated with filter bubbles. I see them as an invasion of personal privacy and a cause of unnecessary complications, especially for nurses looking up health information. This is because the bubble could not only remove online information critical to care, but also present biased information. Therefore, as a RN I must be aware of this filter bubble so that I can complete a

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