Ted Bundy : A Serial Killer

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Ted Bundy is one of the most famous serial killers in United States History. There are many theories behind what made him become a serial killer. Many believe he was born that way, with a darkness inside of him to which he could not control. Others believe he is a victim of circumstance and had no chance from the very beginning of life. Ted killed fourteen plus women and girls, his earliest victim thought to be when he was just fifteen years old, with only one known survivor. I believe Ted made the choices he did, not because of his family circumstances or his dark passenger, but because he felt entitled and liked control. What more control is there then to decide who lives and who dies? I do believe there are circumstances that may have been the perfect storm to bring Ted to his killing path and in this paper I will discuss how I feel Ted came to be what he was. Theodore Robert Crowell, also known as Ted Bundy, was born on November 24, 1946 in Burlington, Vermont. Eleanor Cowell, Ted’s mother, was twenty-two years old and unmarried when she had him. Ted’s father left Eleanor before Ted was born and there is no concrete proof on who Ted’s father really was. Eleanor being an unmarried mother was very upsetting to her parents, as they were very religious and did not believe in unmarried pregnancies so Eleanor delivered Ted at a home for unwed mothers in Vermont, later bringing Ted to her parents’ home in Philadelphia. To hide Ted being an illegitimate child, he was
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