Teenage Stress

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Laura sits in her room surrounded by a stack of notes, cramming for a test that she entirely forgot about, while James stares blankly at a college application. He also has the knowledge that he must be at work in 20 minutes, and that his car hardly has any gas left in it. Both of these teenagers suffer from a common dilemma, stress. Stress is a reaction to external and internal pressure. It is a normal function that helps people in their daily lives ("Stress: Who"). Without some level of stress, individuals wouldn't have the motivation to meet deadlines or complete projects ("Stress: Who"). However normal stress can become a burden over a long period of time and this leads to chronic stress. Chronic stress is what
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When type "A's" are stressed, they may be less cooperative and more aggressive in their personal relationships ("Stress (psychology)").
However most people don't have a type "A" personality and when they become stressed they tend to have depression and anxiety problems. Depression and anxiety usually lead to withdrawal, because people want to reason out their problems on their own (Scanlon, 26a). If the depression and anxiety are not taken care of, the victim may end up committing suicide. It is even possible for stress to make a person stupid. Research has proven that parts of the brain actually shrink from over exposure to stressful situations ("Stress: Who").
Even more alarming then the mental and emotional side effects are the physical effects. Some people may contract "bad habits" such as: q Teeth clenching, q Hand wringing, q Nail biting, q Pacing, q Heavy breathing ("Stress (psychology)").
There are other minor side effects that people experience, like: butterflies in the stomach, cold/warm hands/feet, dry mouth ("Stress (psychology)"), itching, and pain caused by rashes or acne ("Stress (psychology)"). Yet these are trivial when compared to the major damage stress is capable of inflicting.
People become more
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