Teenage Years Are The Best Years Of Life

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These are supposed to be the best years of our lives, the glory years. Whoever first proclaimed that the teenagers years were the best years of one's life was clearly never a teenager. In school they teach us how to graph equations and analyze literature and we have to memorize the first ten amendments to the constitution. Yet, they fail to teach you how to stop loving someone who has stopped loving you or how to deal with three tests and a quiz all within the same day, or how to deal with losing a friend to an unsaid goodbye, or a cousin to cancer diagnosed right as her life has begun, they say they prepare us for life and everything we need to know I am just utterly confused as to which life they are talking about. The teenage years are a slap in the face with a giant brick, we spend the first thirteen years of our lives sheltered from all the bad things, clueless as to how cruel this world really is. Our parents read us bedtime stories as they tuck us into bed. When someone has a birthday they invite nearly everyone and the worst pain imaginable is enduring a five minute time out. Then High School comes or ‘the glory days’, we walk through the doors eager to try hard and do well and after the first semester we find ourselves falling behind with the pressures of advanced classes, sports, clubs a social life and a personal life. 85% of teenagers have reported feeling extreme anxiety or depression throughout their high school career, teenagers are said to do everything they
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