Teenager 's Experiences With Depression Essay

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The topic of this research paper focused on teenager’s experiences with depression, specifically how they interpret and understand their condition. Little research has been done to study how teenager’s daily activities, relationships and identity are affected while having a condition such as unipolar depression. Meanwhile, numerous amounts of studies have been run to analyze the experiences of adults with depression and the results that were found are relatively similar to the findings within this study. Depression is the most common diagnosis given to teenagers who seek mental health treatment. For those who do not seek treatment usually do not perceive their distress as depression. This can be particularly important because all while trying to diagnose adolescents, they are also experiencing developmental changes that alter their self-awareness and identity. In the development of depression most teens are found trying to identify why they are having these feelings and if it is normal. A grounded theory approach was used in this study to allow the participants to describe their experiences in their own words. Grounded theory is used in social sciences to construct a theory based on the analysis of the data retrieved from the study. No previous qualitative research has been done on the topic so the researchers were required to conduct an introductory focus group of adolescents from the community. The focus group helped gather information from teens who may not have been

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