Teenagers As A Single Parent

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How to Deal with Teenagers as a Single Parent The teenage years are unlike any other stage of development. Parents often find that the adorably precocious child they once had is replaced by someone who is defiant, withdrawn, or very hard to understand. As a single parent, you might struggle with how to effectively raise your teens. It’s a challenge, but you can do it! Learn to deal with your teenagers as a single parent by fostering a connection with them, helping them mature, and getting outside help. ==Steps== ===Interacting with Your Teens=== #Talk to them regularly. Talking to a teenager can feel like communicating with a brick wall, which is why many parents shy away from it. However, if you don’t communicate with your teens, you miss an opportunity to get to know them better and understand their unique perspectives. Make time to talk to each of your children frequently, one-on-one and as a group. #*One-on-one talks can be carried out while doing parallel activities, such as driving your daughter to soccer practice or giving the dog a bath. #*For group talks, use dinner time and family meeting to jumpstart conversations. #Skip the lecture. Parents have a tendency to talk down to their teens, which builds a wall between you. Show your teens that you respect them by avoiding condescending lectures. Don’t talk at them, talk with

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