Telecommuting Suggestion Report

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The first course of action this tech firm should take is to create a productivity report to analyze the current state of the company’s workforce. It was mentioned that the organization already has fifty employees telecommuting. However, the head executives have yet to make a formalized plan. This was a large oversight that could have potentially caused a lot of tension between the two groups of employees. Although guidelines should have been created before telecommuting began, it will help show any differences between the two groups in the productivity report. A suggestion for how the report should be created and implemented would be to weigh whatever task is most important for each job and compare the performance between onsite and telecommuting staff members. Having this information will help determine if the company should even allowing working off site all together.
Unfortunately, the prompt did not specify how well telecommuting had been working for the firm before asking for suggestions. Hypothetically we will say that the percentage of productivity for off site workers was equally as high as on site. A company would have a difficult time if everyone telecommutes, however, it would be wise to allow some flexibility in work schedules. The tech firm could include temporary off site work as well. For example, allowing an employee with a cold to work at home or if a deadline is pressing and a staff member works better at home. If the company executives decide to allow a

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