Telephone Report: Milton D. Stokes

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On Tuesday, 05/31/2016, at approximately 13:56 hours, I, Deputy Stacy Stark #1815 was dispatched to handle a telephone report of a theft. I spoke to the victim, Milton D. Stokes (M/W, DOB: 03/17/1955) via telephone at the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office. Stokes wanted a report on file that there was a 2 ½ gallon gasoline can stole and a ¼ tank of gasoline was siphoned from his vehicle some time during the night. Stokes informed me sometime after midnight on 05/31/2016, someone entered his property and stole a 2 ½ gallon gasoline can from the immediate area outside his garage. The gasoline can was filled with gasoline. The gasoline can was not secured in any way. The gasoline can was red with a black spout, square shape, and 2 ½ gallons in size. The suspect(s) also siphoned approximately ¼ tank of gasoline from his 1992 Maroon Ford F150 truck bearing Illinois registration 57868B, that …show more content…

After he realized the gasoline can was missing, he entered his truck to go to the gas station to buy more gasoline. When he started his truck, he observed the fuel gauge was missing approximately ¼ tank of gasoline. Stokes stated he owned the vehicle, but allowed his neighbor to drive the truck. Stokes contacted his neighbor and asked how much gasoline he put in the fuel tank on 05/30/2016. The neighbor said he filled the fuel tank on the truck to read ¾ of a tank of gas. Stokes confirmed there was ¾ of a tank of gas in the truck on 05/30/2016 when he parked the vehicle in his driveway. He observed the fuel gauge readout at ¾ of a tank. Stokes advised no one drove the vehicle after he parked it on 05/30/2016. There were no hoses or any evidence present at the scene to indicate the method of siphoning. Stokes only assumed the gasoline was siphoned from his truck because the fuel gauge read lower than yesterday. The fuel cap on the truck does not lock and flipped open by

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