Tennis World's E-Commerce Marketing Plan

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Tennis world Executive summary Tennis world is an e-commerce business company dealing with all sorts of tennis merchandise you can think of; this is ranging from tennis balls, tennis rackets, tennis wear, tennis video instructions and any other accessories you can think of that is associated with the sport. Tennis world aims to be a leader in the market for all the tennis merchandise not only in the U.S but to the rest of the world too. In recent times there have been instances of internet companies failing but we as Tennis world intend to venture, survive and grow in the e-commerce world. We have a mission to offer our tennis merchandize using the internet as our key marketing tool. We also intend to reach a wide range of customers the young and the old with no barrier whatsoever since the internet is accessible all over the world. We intend to make our sites the place where everyone loves to visit and want to find out more and more of what is on offer in our company (, 2012). Tennis world intends to create sites that everyone wants to visit and offer incredible prices and discounts that will leave our customers wanting to buy more. We intend to maintain our customers and strive to be not just the best but the best of them all in the industry. Market summary Our target market is a vast one that ranges from individuals who have minimum requirements to other large companies with more expensive and solid orders. To achieve this we intend to look at our

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