Global Terrorism Research Paper

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than a decade terrorism has been a growing concern in the news. One of the most notorious acts of terrorism was 9/11. The events and aftermath of 9/11 was a wakeup call for many Americans. Not only was it a wakeup call to the citizens but also businesses were affected by it. The following paper will investigate terrorism and areas of global strategy impacted by terrorism. The paper will also investigate efforts to curb terrorist threats against globalization.
Terrorism and global business have both been in existence long before they were noted as openly affecting one another in 2001. There is a general consensus among researchers and policy makers that terrorism is a growing concern in global business, and global strategy for that matter (Czinkota & Ronkainen, 2009). Terror mainly seeks to inflict psychological harm in society with minimum use of power (Sandler-Enders, 2004, P. 28) The birth of global terrorism has been around prior to the attacks on the World Trade Centers, dating back to 1945 with beliefs in Marxism and Nationalism. It is a common misconception that terrorism is an act of violence committed to inconvenience, if not destroy the life of one individual or group of persons. However, recent acts of global terrorism have proven that not only is terrorism more focused on attacking the economic assets of a country but attacks are not solely limited to dramatic events. By definition terrorism is designed to “affect firms, their physical assets, the

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