Terrorism : The Causes And Effects Of Terrorism In The Modern World

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The History of Terrorism Terrorism is nothing new and has likely been used in one form or another since before the beginning of recorded time. While some of the early written accounts are not completely clear as to the exact identity and relationships the perpetrators had to their targets, it is exceedingly clear that these groups were taking action in an attempt to manipulate the actions and opinions of their target audience. Over the many millennia since those times, this type of activity has evolved into its present form but is still used in an attempt to manipulate the actions and opinions of a target audience.
The Forerunners of Terrorism The earliest recorded forerunners of terrorism were a Jewish group called the Sicarii who carried out an underground campaign of assassination that helped foster revolt against Roman rule in the First Century AD. What made the Sicarii unique to their predecessors was that they carried out public assassinations of Jews that they viewed as collaborators or who they felt were complicit to Roman Rule. The Sicarii would commit their assassinations in crowded places and then disappear into the crowds as if they were ghosts terrifying the public and putting other Jews on notice not to corporate with Roman rule. Their goals and targeting were unique to their predecessors in that they were focused inward at their own countrymen rather than at the group whose rule they opposed. In the following years other organized groups

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