The 360 Degree Leader : Developing Your Influence From Anywhere Within The Organization By John C. Maxwell

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When I was an undergrad student, I used to nominate myself to be a group leader for class projects. At that time, I believed that the leader is the only person who will be followed by other members because of his position not because of his influence or his personal responsibility and integrity. I am going to critique one part of “The 360 degree leader: developing your influence from anywhere in the organization” by John C. Maxwell, which is about the position myth. Maxwell provides helpful information about position myth that draws the reader attention to enjoy reading his theory. On the contrary, finer details, target audience, and duplicate content consider as weak points that the author committed. Maxwell begins his book by identifying the number-one misconception public believe about leadership, which is leadership that comes from the position. He does not think the employee needs a title to be a leader of his division, department, or organization. Possessing a title in order to be a leader is the position myth. Maxwell provides an example of people tied up to a position. He makes connection between the title and the leader tasks. He argues that people should not wait for authority to be given in order to lead. However, they can lead through building a relationship with others, and influence them naturally. Maxwell claims that the effective leader is aware of a leadership identification toll. He likes to call them the five levels of leadership which are position,

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