The 4 Functions Of Managements At J. Crews

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Jenna Lyons successfully applied all the 4 functions of managements at J. Crews, as illustrated as follows: - Planning: This management performance of Janna Lyons are about “setting organizational goals” and “developing strategies to reach those goals” (Nickels, 2016, p. 187). In terms of establishing the company’s goals, Jenna Lyons redirect the goals of J. Crew to be making “J.Crew fashionable again” and creating “a coherent brand that would drive the business forward” (Nickels, 2016, p. 211). In order to achieve those goals, she applied the strategies: implementing “a new company structure” and unifying “every part of the organization”, she “used teams to unify the company’s brand” (Nickels, 2016, p. 211). - Leading: Lyons has “employed a compassionate and understanding management style” (Nickels, 2016, p. 211), she performed successfully the leading role: “guiding and motivating employees to work effectively” and “explaining routines” (p. 187) by giving them the direction of design style, telling her team that “they should always consider how the brand appears to everyone who came into contact with it” (p. 211). - Organizing: she was “preparing a structure” and “training and developing employees” as mentioned above in order to organize the business (Nickels, 2016, p. 187). She “implemented a new company structure” by “rehabbing the stores” and “overhauling the catalog and website” (Nickels, 2016, p. 211). - Controlling: In the role of controlling, firstly, she measured

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