The 8 Steps Of Kotter 's 8 Step Change Model

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A paper discussing positive change & John P. Kotter’s 8 step change model. Why are change initiatives so difficult. Many times People 's reaction to change relies upon their understanding or idea about change . Furthermore, according to their perception it is in their advantage they do not have any problems with accepting it . If it is unimportant or irrelevant to them, they have an attitude of unbiased towards change. If they tend to believe there is some kind of loss to them, they react to it. Moreover, the loss can be concerning their direct value or it can be concerning them having to make some changes in the way they tend to work or adjusting/adapting a different technique of doing the same. Hence, change initiatives are at times …show more content…

It is also important for use to create a milestone plan or strategy as we have done for all our projects/assignments. At this time, it is in execution. Thus, do not give comfortable double your energy state in executing or carrying it out. (6)Get rid of all barriers because these can also be people. Nevertheless, this happens to be a very vital step, so you have to be careful, wise, and sensible in action and thought. However, there will always be particular individuals who will have specific reservations they are holding back, so help them to bring them out and solve their issues/problems, what ever they might be. Moreover, if they continue completely remove them, anyway possible. (7)Never proclaim a sooner than expected victory because this is only a start so continue to improve at each phase/stage. Real changes are indeed deeply-rooted. Hence, measure and determined the efficiency, and make little changes and enhancements whenever possible or the need arises. (8)Make the change also part of the organizational culture. Make certain each new joiner at all stages/levels are taken into loop-the-loop. It is vital to never miss them or else we will be back where we first begin. Discuss a change that you experienced and describe exactly how successful it was. I have helped set in place an Oracle based ERP operating system in a previous company I work for. Earlier, the company was utilizing a manual type

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