The Aborigines Used Red Ochre For The Rock Carvingsxvi

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The Aborigines used a variety of art to share stories including rock carvings, body painting and ground designs which date back to more than 30,000 years ago. The Aborigines used red ochre for the rock carvingsxvi. A special place where you can see Aboriginal rock carvings is Dampier Archipelago in Western Australia where the rock carvings are thought to number in the millions. There are three main types of Aboriginal art. The first being engraved geometric figures. The second being silhouettes of humans and animals. The last being detailed figured. These go in order and show the progression of Aboriginal intelligence because of the increasing detail and meaning in the artxvii. The Aborigines used mainly music, art, and oral stories to …show more content…

The Aborigines used stone tools for hunting and gathering. Because they did not domesticate animals or begin to farm, they had no need for anything more than stone tools. They also did not need to focus so much on technological advancements because their lives were centered around the land and the religious significance it containedxx. However, the Aborigines still made many scientific advancements. They created many stone tools to hunt and fish such as knives, scrapers, axe-heads, spears, various vessels for eating and drinking, and digging sticks. They were also the first group to introduce ground edges on cutting tools and to grind seeds into an edible or medicinal pastexxi. The Aborigines also created the boomerang, which is now known as a common toy which returns when one throws it but at this time it was used as a hunting weaponxxii. Although they did not develop a system of writing until the time of the Europeans, they did create very detailed myths, or stories about the landscape with a deeper meaning, which were passed on through generations. However, they mainly used art to express religious significancexxiii. As well as oral myths, they also created oral maps which were used to navigate and trade along with using the stars. The Aborigines also developed a sophisticated number system which was probably used to keep track of

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