The Acidity Levels Of Organic Tomatoes And Commercially Grown Tomatoes

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We decided to do a project concerning the acidity in organic tomatoes and commercially grown tomatoes. Originally, we wanted to use home grown tomatoes compared to commercially grown tomatoes, but unfortunately the weather is not conducive to grow tomatoes in a home garden during this time of the year. We choose this experiment because we wanted to determine if there is a significant difference in the acid of the tomatoes. In addition, in determining the acidity level of the two groups and comparing them could help individuals determine which type of tomato to purchase when canning foods or if someone is concerned about underlying health issues. We hoped to determine one group of tomatoes to have a much lower acidity level
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In addition, for a titration to be successful it must turn the faint pink color with one single drop being added. Finally, measure the final reading of the buret after finishing the titration, and note the reading.
Calculate the molarity of the base from the volume of titrant and mass of oxalic acid. Then, titrate more samples until the molarity of the calculations are within five percent. Neutralize the waste solution in the waste beaker to a pH between 6 and 8 with 0.5 HCl if too basic or 0.5 M NaOH if too acidic. Measure the pH level with the pH meter to determine which should be done. Discard the solution in the sink when it has been neutralized. This part of the experiment is performed to help hone in on titration skills, so the individual could collect precise measurements to calculate precise calculations.

Data and Results of NaOH

Trial 1 Trial 2 Trial 3
Mass of H₂C₂O₄ 0.192 grams 0.193 grams 0.190 grams
Moles of H₂C₂O₄ 0.0015 0.0015 0.0015
Moles of NaOH 0.0030 0.0030 0.0030
Initial Buret Reading 1.2 mL 1.2 mL 3.44 mL
Final Buret Reading 33.2 mL 32.5 mL 33.12 mL
Volume of NaOH 32.0 mL 31.3 mL 29.68 mL
Molarity of NaOH 0.0938 M 0.0958 M 0.1011 M

Sample Calculation

Procedure Part 2 First, put on safety equipment (goggles and gloves). Next, set up the buret stand, and place the buret on the stand. Next, obtain approximately 250 mL of pure tomato juice in a 250

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