The Act Of Bullying Prevention Center Essay

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One out of every four students reported being bullied at school. Data supports 74% of students in grades seven to twelve, have been called hurtful names. 62% of students have sometimes witnessed teasing happening at school, more girls than boys were the victims of this bullying. Also 13% of students have often been called insults based on their race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, and disability (National Bullying Prevention Center, 2016). The act of bullying have increased enormously in past five years in the United States. Worldwide, schools are intended to be safe places for students to learn valuable skills and grow. However, students will likely face negative experiences, such as bullying, which may cause them a lifelong damages. Students who are the victims of bullying tend to experience social and academic trauma. Their response to this trauma can be display as avoidance behaviors such as running away from home, refusing to go to school and in some extreme cases, attempting suicide (Swearer, Song, Cary, Eagle, & Mickelson, 2001).
The victims of bullying tend to experience psychological problems such as low self-esteem, anxiety and depression. Following these undesirable emotions, victims are most likely to avoid people, drop out from school, act out, and consume drugs and alcohol. Recently bullying has received a great amount of attention among research as well as the media. This is because bullying is happening more frequently, and it is
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