The Advantage Of College Education : The Right To College

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The answer to this question may vary in how you look at it. It can be harmful to certain parts of your life like your social life, depending on your age. It can also be helpful in farthering your education. Everyone these days are going to college and soon there will not be anyone to do the simple jobs like farming. This can also be a downside to college. It really just depends on which way you look at it, who you are, and where you came from. For me, I hope college is th ebest option for me right now and i believe it is.

According to my classmate Hunter Loyet, he said,"I see where you are coming from. Jobs that do not require a college education will always be very important, but I don't think that there will ever be a shortage of these jobs because typically jobs like those are passed down from generation to generation. I do agree with you on the fact that I think college is also the best option for me." Hunter has a good point when discussing the fact that jobs like farming are passed down from generation to generation, but that is not the case in other situations. One of these situations may be in the fast food industry. In a job like this, there are many people that work in this industry while they are also trying to achieve a higher education, but there must be someone that is the boss over these people. The boss does not need an education, other than a high school education, to perform this job and the duties that need to be completed in it. There are other jobs that

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