The Advantages And Disadvantages And Disadvantages Of Employees

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In our company we are employing mainly general operatives but also some more specialised cleaning staff beside administration and management employees. One of the most important advantage of employing in – house staff it is their level of investment into our organisation. By working directly for our company personnel develops a strong sense of loyalty and belonging within the organisation overtime. Employees are feeling proud of the work they perform on an everyday basis, they take ownership of their responsibilities, and they then carry out. They can go that extra mile and push themselves more as they feel involved and a part of the team.

By hiring outsource staff, we cannot expect the same level of involvement and integration. Personnel employed by an agency does not feel so strongly about being a part of the team. They are coming to work more on the temporary basis, hardly ever staying in one placement for a longer time. For that reasons the …show more content…

Average human resources department in the companies actually spends less than 10% of their working hours on recruitment, negotiation and the process of joining new employees.
In practice, the human resources department faces day-to-day administrative flooding, consulting, observing ethical principles, issuing reprimands, sending reports, dismissing employees, solving wage demands and benefits, settling conflicts, including ensuring all administrative functions linked to law. In many medium-sized businesses, the human resources department also functions as a liaison body with the company's management.
When the recruiting manager finally manages to meet all the necessary issues and overcome the bureaucratic procedures necessary to obtain a new job permit, how can we expect the staff department to be able to provide us with qualified

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