The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Digitalization Of Broadcasting

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Merits of Digitization:
The advantages of digital switchover which emanated from the huge potentials inherent in digital technology are numerous. The change to digital broadcasting was opted for because the analogue system has reached its carrying capacity but, broadcasting is still developing. Digital technology has grown rapidly since the current broadcasting system was established. Programming sources have increased and digital technology has advanced giving us the ability to expand broadcasting capabilities.
Saves in spectrum, high quality audio and video, greater variety, wide range of choices of programmes for customers, interactive programming, huge revenue potentials and employment opportunities are few examples of the dividend of
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Furthermore, the ITU agreement allows for an additional five years to 2020 for many African countries including Nigeria (T. A. Kenneth, 2013).
The ITU document on Digitization highlights that “Digitalization of broadcasting by 2015 represents a major landmark towards establishing a more equitable, just and people- centred information society. The digital switchovers will leap-frog existing technologies to connect the unconnected in underserved and remote communities and close the digital divide.”(Akin Akingbulu & Hendrik Bussiek,(2010) as cited by T. A Kenneth, (Dec. 13, 2013).
The disadvantages of analogue broadcasting have been overcome with the arrival of digitization, which gives better clarity, quality of signal and spectrum efficiency. Digitized TV signals in particular are clearer and stronger in their audio and video output. Since digital technology has opened a world of possibilities for broadcasting, a huge spectrum will be available for radio and television broadcast in the country. As a result, more frequencies or wave lengths will be available for broadcasting (Ocholi, 2009,
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Gbam was quick to add that, the opportunities which the new media technologies (and by extension digitization) offer as well as the challenges they pose on broadcasting are utilized and maximized for the optimum use of the citizens. Meaning that, they must be used positively and productively for the interest of the society and not negatively as tools for the destruction of humanity through spreading of hate speeches, divisive tendencies, dangerous messages, fake news etc.
Also, at the Quincy parley with Gates Air in the USA, the Minister for Information Lai Mohammed reveals the potentials of Digitization to Nigeria. He said: ‘’the DSO is very important to this administration, because of the limitless potentials that it represents. For us as a government, DSO goes beyond just receiving digital transmission but an avenue to create jobs and ignite the huge creative potentials of our youths. It is also a solution to some of the intractable problems affecting the creative industry including piracy and
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