The Advertising Industry and Gender Stereotype

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Every day people get targeted by companies and their advertisements, the way they manage to reach out and clutch your attention is easily achieved through television, Internet, driving down the street, listening to your favorite radio station, or at any kind of retail store. Some sort of advertisement will clinch your attention that’s certain. These ads hook you on by establishing a certain type of message; the ads can manipulate people’s attitude and opinions. “The ads industry affects people’s lives by shaping or reshaping their opinions, attitudes and beliefs.” Marshall McLuhan (1964) these ads are the greatest resource to look at gender stereotyping, because they are adjusted to the specific target either male or female. The aim of modern advertising successfully reaches its target audience not only and sometime not even by fulfilling the needs of the individual but by directing their creation.

The advertising industry developed the gender stereotypes in order to accommodate the product being advertised expecting to appeal the public at a tremendous rate, which reconstruct a cultural expectation for the public to strictly follow that particular example of how a gender should act and appear. The creation of gender in the advertising realm, which is where a girl finds her feminine side and where a boy learns how to unleash the man inside, reliant on what society has educated us about, furthermore each of the genders is assenting with the creation

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