The Age Of A Person Impacts On Reading Speed

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Introduction: The focus of my coursework is to find out whether the age of a person impacts on the reading speed or if gender affects the reading speed of a person. I am going to carry out this research in order to prove or disprove these hypotheses: • The older the person is the faster the person is to read a page as he/she is more experienced at reading and understand more sophisticated vocabulary than younger age groups. • Girls are faster at reading than boys are as girls hobbies differ from those of boys; from an early age girls develop an interest to read whereas boys are attentive to sport related activities. For my coursework I will need to collect data to do with the reading time of males and females, I will also collect some data which will be about how age affects reading time of a person. As I am researching gender and age I will be using stratified sampling of 80 people. I would do this because it a suitable and large enough number and would give me reliable set of results. I will sort the data into age groups according to gender. So there will be two groups, which are males and females. Grouping will make my sample make look more professional and organised, in the future it would not give me any problems as the likelihood for making any mistakes during calculations will decrease dramatically. I will take the data from the youngest age to the oldest age, as ordering the age would not affect stratified sampling. A stratified sample is a sample with

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