The Ambitious Goals Of Becoming Successful

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The case presents Mr. John Clendenin with the ambitious goals of becoming successful enough to be a corporate officer on a Fortune 50 corporation and on the boards of several others. Eventually, he wants to be appointed to a cabinet-level position in the government. He currently is a manager who is using the Multinational Development Center (MDC) to help enhance Xerox’s efficiency with worldwide logistics and inventory management systems. He started with Xerox back while he was attending Harvard Business School working as a productivity consultant in the parts and supply area. His early successes through improvements in the multinational computer and management systems allowed him to climb to a position where he became an administrative manager. Along the way, he was met with resentment due to being promoted so quickly and receiving resources other departments did not. Every organization has to have a mission because that’s what organizations do. It is the fundamental purpose for their existence. To achieve their mission, organizations set up goals to help guide them towards that mission. Goals are what the organization is actually trying to do. For example, Clendenin believed that the Multinational Systems Development Center (MSDC) was out of place in Xerox’s current structure. The organization could not live out their mission with their current goals. He believed that the MSDC could make a substantial contribution to Xerox but that required redefining their tasks to

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