The American College Student Is in Trouble

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The American college student is in trouble. From the time students are in high school, they are demonstrating poor study skills, procrastination, and a disinterest in doing homework. Overall, students carry these bad habits into college, where professors see them as lazy, disrespectful, irresponsible, and, worst of all, anti-intellectualism. According to Miller, a writer for The Boston Globe, “[Her] C, D, and F students…..are almost exclusively American.” This suggests that many American students are lazier than many international students. Anti-intellectualism is the attitude of not caring about ones studies and not recognizing the value of learning. There are a number of causes of anti-intellectual attitude of many college students today, such as an over-reliance on cellphones, social media, grade inflation, and a lack of family support. These attitudes result in negative consequences not only for student in college today (who fail to complete assignments, attend classes, and even graduate.) but also for these adults later in life, who will discover they don’t have adequate qualifications for jobs. Unmotivated college students are the result of a number of problems including distractions, poor teaching, and unsupportive families. They are also the causes o what the future will hold and how degrees are looked at years from now. Students nowadays make excuses for being anti-intellectual. This can lead to a lot of negative effects on the future of education. Also, colleges
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